About Us

Large corporations benefit from having an internal Information Technology department. This department is responsible for deploying, maintaining and securing all of the business technology devices for the company such as PCs, printers, servers, networking gear and more. Not only does the IT department work on hardware, but they also maintain the software, its licensing and the data associated with it.

The IT department makes sure those items such as the website, email, working from outside the office and general performance of the system all operate smoothly and in a cost effective fashion. They provide technical support and training for the different systems. They keep the important business information in these systems secure and have reliable backups readily available. They monitor those systems and their users to head off problems before bigger problems crop up.

Unfortunately, it’s not practical or viable for a small business to hire a fleet of IT guys and to put in the systems needed to function as efficiently as a large company. On the flip side, systems designed for home use do not meet the needs of a business. That’s where we come in.

We’ve taken our years of experience in the corporate IT field and created a host of products based on those standards and adapted them to work in a small business environment. We’ve found inexpensive alternatives to some systems. For others, we host the solution for you and save you the hassle of having to keep a small data center at your office.

We’ve setup tools that allow us to monitor your systems constantly, allow us to connect with you quickly and keep track of important system information. We’ve established and refined procedures for quick and efficient service. And we’re constantly testing new technologies and methods to keep up with the ever changing technology scene.

Please take a moment to browse thru our website. At the top of this page is a set of pages that details Our Products and how they work. Over to the right you can select examples of our work specifically for your type of Industry and see how we’ve helped businesses just like yours in the past.